NeoKosmos [from the Greek Neo - new and Kosmos - world, universe; a New World] is a RPG setting developed by the Krypteia Creative Studio, a group of Brazilian writers and illustrators.

The setting was inspired on Greek Mythology and History, and blends elements typical to the genre with key RPG concepts.

The core book for the setting was released in Brazil in early 2006 with great sucess, drawing good support from the fan base. It lead to the release of the first sourcebook by July, and more are underway.


The Setting

NeoKosmos is based on a fictional account about the Olympian Gods leaving Greece - see "Sphagia ". In it, the Olympians are shown in pursuit of their direst enemies, the Titans, who escaped Tartarus with the help of an otherwordly being. After one decade, another being from the same world contacted the Olympians and begged their help, for the Titans were devastating his world. The Olympians left to help, bringing alongside them the mythological creatures that once roamed Greece, as well as what men and women still faithful to them.

In this new world, Olympians and Titans (and men underneath) clash on a Second Titanomachy, and after more than a century of battles Zeus and his retinue emerge victorious, expeling their enemies towards the lands beyond the southern sea. The descendants of the mortals that came along them had already taken the continent for themselves, and spreaded the culture of their ancestors. On the present day of the setting, four hundred and fifty years passed since the end of the Second Titanomachy, and NeoKosmos, as the Greek call the land, was colonized and populated at the best Heroic Age Greek style.

The better part of the continent is divided among 12 great poleis of the Greek Nation, or Hellas as it is called by its inhabitants. These poleis take the shape of the leagues so prevalent in Classical Greece, centered on the most powerful polis, and having several allied/dominated poleis, villages and settlements below in a somewhat loose structure.

Astarte, Calimia, Echódina, Falisia, Lykurgia, Megalyteros, Nacisi, Odestrya, Phoetor, Pyleos, Sionorica and Thaelia dominate the Greek controlled lands. On the great plains and wild forests amidst them, on the unexplored hills and mountains, monstruous creatures and other perils abound. On the ocean, pirates and sea serpents make every trip an uncertainty. To the West and East, uncivilized barbarians loom, and Greek sovreignty is threatened by the preposterous "polis" of Karquia and the pillaging tribes. North, the Sands of Time hide the last standing city of the warrior race of the Zoi Asproi, allies of the Greeks during the Second Titanomachy. South, beyond the treacherous waters, the enemy, still living, still threatening.

The Concept

The message behind NeoKosmos is that of the power of the Greek influence. In the real (Western) world, in present days, it's simply impossible to say or think anything unrelated to the Greeks, since the very tought process of logic and ethics are derived from them.

This idea was brought to an hypothetical situation, where the Greeks influenced a people they allied themselves with, and "conquered" them, with their culture, their ways, and, of course, their religion and myths.


The NeoKosmos settings was so far detailed in two books: its core book and a smaller one detailing the polis of Astarte. The Krypteia currently works on books for the other 11 poleis and in the advancement of the plot.